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*My wreaths are made to last, so if you need to store it please use a wreath box or the container it was shipped in.

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Brenda - Glorious Mesh Decor

Meet Brenda

Hey there
This is Brenda, I want to thank you for visiting my Glorious Mesh Decor shop! Arts and crafts are something that I have enjoyed all my life. I love decorating, designing and coming up with new ideas. Creating elegant high-quality wreaths that are made to last, is one of my favorites! I started making them in my home, then in my community, and have done so well and had so much fun that I decided to take it online. Here’s how it all got started…

This is the Glorious Story​

My oldest daughter loved the wreath so much that she took it a with her to work and hung it near her work area. She wanted to help bring in the Christmas Spirit with the presence of a Glorious object where she spends much of her time. Well, her coworkers absolutely loved it, and my daughter had requests for three custom wreaths!

Meet Melissa

Glorious Mesh Decor was started by accident! Although I have always enjoyed crafting, painting and other forms of creative design, I had always made things only for myself and my family. That all changed in December of 2015 when I decided to make a very special Christmas wreath for me and my family to enjoy in my own home.
I wanted to use mesh, beautiful ribbon and some unique items I had gathered. First, I searched for and studied wreaths of all sorts on the internet. Then, I began watching how-to videos which further piqued my curiosity and kept me motivated. The creative process along with shopping for and obtaining quality items for that original wreath (and every one since!) was incredible … it wasn’t “work,” it was a Gloriously-inspired act of love!
My family and I continue to receive many blessings. I got so much joy from creating those wreaths that I have expanded Glorious Mesh Decor to include hand-crafted, original home decor items. The good feelings I get from designing and making each and every item drives me with nearly constant ideas on what to make next. My items make me and many others happy while bringing beauty and elegance to their environment, so I don’t think I’ll stop any time soon!
From my home to yours, Glorious Mesh Decor creations are divinely-inspired and are made with a great deal of thought and care. Thank you so much for stopping by and please check back often for new original items and updates on the journey of Glorious Mesh Decor.
Have a Glorious day!
Melissa of Glorious Mesh Decor


In the box it was shipped in or a wreath box sized to fit your wreath.
Yes, it will be a custom order.
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